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KHB has a technical tie-up with Canbank Computer Services Limited. CCSL gives both manual and software support. It not only acts as a data and call center but also provides web portal support and thus helps in improving the efficiency and transparency of KHB to help customers better. CCSL also provides KHB with a helping hand to achieve their goals and objectives.

Currently CCSL does the following activities for KHB:

1. Application processing for:
    a. Old Applications (Prior to April, 2001 Notification)
    b. April 2001 Notification
    c. August 2001 Notification
    d. November 2001 Notification
    e. January 2002 Notification
    f. April 2002 Notification
    g. Own Your Own House Scheme
    h. Joint Venture Scheme-Kalahalli

2. Development & maintenance of Customer Information System

3. Uploading a database of properties & customers of KHB in various offices

4. Develop & maintain the KHB Portal

Summary of each activity:

Application and registration activity: Application data capture, acknowledgement of receipt of application and follow up on returned instruments

Allotment activity: Allotment updation, intimation to applicants and KHB division regarding allotment / cancellation

Property management: Property details capture and updation and identification of vacant property

Fund management: Collection and maintenance of all types of amounts receivable, like registration fee, application fee, balance amount receivable, etc..

Issue of Sale Deed and Possession certificates: Posting of certificates and acknowledgement of receipt by allottee

Data and Ledger maintenance at Divisions: Data correction; preparation, printing and dispatching notices to applicants, providing clarification to applicants and rescheduling of loan for Yelahanka, Kengeri and Hootagalli divisions

Maintenance of un-allotted property / applicant: Preparation of notification, dispatching letter to applicants with available property details for selecting new places and doing the follow up

MIS reports: Generating all kinds of reports for KHB

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